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Posted September 17, 2018

0 Attention Residents-
Pecatonica to Conduct Adult Mosquito Control Applications on Monday evening, September 17,2018.
Response to detection of West Nile Virus-positive mosquitoes in the Village of Pecatonica and Winnebago County
PECATONICA, Ill. (September 17, 2018) – Pecatonica will be conducting mosquito control operations between dusk and dawn on the evening of September 17, 2018.
West Nile Virus-positive mosquitoes have been detected in the Village of Pecatonica and Winnebago County. The application will target the mosquitoes that transmit the virus.
Pecatonica will be using products registered by the IL Department of Agriculture, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to combat mosquito-borne disease.
In addition, residents should reduce mosquito-breeding areas on their property by tipping and tossing standing water and taking personal protective measures. These protective measures including wearing CDC-recommended repellents (DEET, picaridin, IR-3535 and oil of lemon eucalyptus), long sleeves/long pants, and avoiding being outdoors at dusk and dawn.
Residents with questions should contact the Mosquito Hotline at 800-942-2555 or hotline@clarke.com.

Posted September 7, 2018

0 Attention Residents if you have any questions in regards to garbage, yard waste or recycling please visit www.gillsdisposal.com

Posted September 4, 2018

0 Attention Residents Fire Hydrant Flushing Notification

The Village of Pecatonica Public Works Department will be flushing fire hydrants, beginning Monday, September 17 and ending Friday, September 21st.  The fire hydrant flushing and maintenance may take place at all hours.

Flushing of the fire hydrants ensures their safe and reliable operation and also removes the accumulation of natural deposits in the water mains. Flushing of iron mains may cause temporary discoloration of the water supplied to your home. This water is safe for drinking and cooking, but may stain light colored clothes during washing. Please check your faucets and water fixtures for discoloration before starting your wash.

If you notice discoloration in your water you can clear your system by simply running your water for a couple of minutes.

The Village apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the routine flushing of the water system.  Any questions, please call 815.239.2310.


Posted August 6, 2018

0 Pecatonica Business Showcase-  The Village is excited to announce that we will be showcasing a different business each month.  We will provide information about the business, contact information and business hours.  Along with a Q & A we have completed with the business owner.  Please click the link below to learn more about Topway Foods. 

Pecatonica Business showcase Topway foods

Posted August 3, 2018

0  The Village of Pecatonica is supporting Ava Beck in her fight against Cancer. We have lit our Main Street with yellow lights to show our support. Please join us to cheer Ava on as she travels to Memorial Sloan Kettering to continue her treatment.



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