Public Works / Public Safety


The Public Works / Public Safety Committee shall address and consider all matters dealing with construction on or maintenance of property within the Village including issues involving the construction or improvements of streets, walks, curbs, gutters, public buildings or facilities, snow removal, sewer and water repair, the maintenance of same, garbage and waste collection, letting of service contracts dealing with related services. Generally, any other related matters shall first be referred to and be considered by the Public Works Committee. The Committee shall, after consideration and through one of its members, make a report and recommendation to the Village Board as a whole, as to what action, if any, should be considered. Any recommendations so made shall not be binding upon the Village Board.

The Committee shall address and consider all matters dealing with public safety, public health, police operations, police protection, and law enforcement, generally, within the Village. The committee shall review the police department budget and make recommendations relating thereto the Finance Committee. The committee shall ensure that all complaints against the Police Department or Department personnel are properly investigated and, where necessary, serve as a Board of Review to provide a full and fair Public Hearing on anysuch complaints, whether public or internal.

Chairperson: Trustee Bill Smull

Vice Chair: Trustee Steve Eytalis

Member: Trustee Ted Deppe

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